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Loose Parts Nature Play

Aug 25, 2022

  • Get to know our own emotions—Atlas of the Heart, Brene Brown, on HBO Max
  • Recognize inherent aspect of loose parts to allow children to work out issues and meet needs.
  • Specific “kit” around SEL topics—emotions, faces, etc.
  • Include books around SEL in other kits, such as I’m Done in a beaver kit, Let’s Make Faces by Hanoch Piven and How are you peeling? in an emotions kit, Be a Tree in a tree kit or just on its own (see book list below).
  • Create a “calm down” kit.
  • Include lots of options for interacting with animals and dramatic play—puppets, costumes, fabrics, stuffed animals, plastic animals, etc.
  • Tinkergarten—lots of videos, blogs, and other resources
  • SEL theory


Loose Parts Nature Play Kits Podcast Episode

Loose Parts Nature Play SEL Kits Handout

Deconstructive Play Handout


Nature/Loose Parts Connected SEL Book Suggestions from Megan Gessler

*Some of Carla’s favorite books for Loose Parts that were on Megan’s list

Developing Kinship and Empathy

Growth Mindset

Becoming Agents of Change

A Friend to Nature


Stick and Stone

Peace is an Offering

You are never alone

Here and now

Outside In

Wonder Walkers


*Beautiful Oops

Whistle for Willie

Going Places

The Magical Yet

Flight School

I am the Storm

*Be a Maker

*Ada Twist, Scientist

*Rosie Revere, Engineer

You are a Beautiful Beginning

*Made by Maxine



*Jabari Tries

The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do

Say Something

I am Courage

I am One

*The Most Magnificent Thing

*What Do you do with an Idea? Chance? Problem?

*The Fort

Seeds and Trees

*Iggy Peck Architect

Lala’s Words

Change Sings

Tree Lady



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