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Loose Parts Nature Play

Nov 15, 2018

Light and Reflection as a Loose Part

 Light and Reflection Blog Post


 Light Exploration Facebook group


 Cultivating Early Years

Make your own light box


CEY Facebook page light pics




 Tinkergarten Lanterns

Learn more about becoming a Tinkergarten Leader:


 Light painting


Right brained mom


Acrylic mirrors link 12 by 12


 Montessori Nature 10 plus ways to use mirrors




 Making the Most of Light and Mirrors—professional development book





My Shadow Poem by Robert Louis Stephenson

Video of the poem


Maker faire post


Playtime is precious. Play builds brain pathways for thinking, creativity, flexibility, empathy and many other lifelong skills.

--Heather Shumaker




Shadow by Susy Lee


Flashlight by Lizi Boyd


Into the Shadows by Joseph Holeman


What makes the shadow? By Clyde Robert Bulla


Light shadows mirrors by Natalie Rosinsky


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