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Loose Parts Nature Play

Jul 10, 2020

Find items mentioned at:


Grab and go sets/STEM Bins


Individual sized containers

--small tackle boxes

--clear pencil boxes (back to school time)

--mesh bags

--individual plastic bags

--canvas bags when not under COVID issues


Fill the bins

--Break down larger sets

--Consider manipulatives

--use what you have


--random stuff

--theme based

--small world items

--arts and craft products

--small cups

--dollar store craft items

--combination of materials



--keep the same items with the same child over several days

--rotate out over 72 hours to lessen chance



--involve children in the cleaning process

--develop a process to do it quickly and efficiently





--at students’ desks



--paper to sketch/write about what was done

--planning/report sheets

--writing extensions with space for drawing

--examples of art/design/buildings/structures

--reused and combined in many ways

--challenge and extend prompts


Loose Parts Play Facebook Page