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Loose Parts Nature Play

Aug 7, 2022

The Nature Pyramid


Experience Nature:

Find a place in the park (or nature) that speaks to you. Close your eyes. Focus on the feeling of the air . . . the sounds and scents around you. When you open your eyes, notice the small details—a drop of dew, light, and shadows. Describe your experience for someone who has never been here—what did you feel, hear, smell, and see . . .  Was there something you could taste?  (Amy Ireland, for Kenai Fjords National Park Explorer Journal)


Also, it’s a mountain goat on the Explorer pin, not a bison! (though I did see a bison at another place)


Bonus Quote (not on the podcast episode, but in the booklet):

“What we do not see, what we do not hear, what we do not touch, we can never really know.” St. Lawrence Island Yupik Elder


National Parks Service Jr. Ranger Program


Kenai Fjord National Parks Jr. Ranger Program (They even have an app!)


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