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Loose Parts Nature Play

Apr 11, 2018

Connecting Children to Animals

NSTA Position Statement on Responsible Use of Live Animals and Dissection in the Science Classroom:

CDC animals in schools:


Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Certified Wildlife Habitat (National Wildlife Federation):

Monarch Waystation:


Animal Rehabbers in Indiana:

Blogpost and Podcast—Loose Parts Nature Play Animal Play episode


•Apps—Merlin Bird ID

•Facebook Groups—IN Nature, Birding in Indiana, ICAN Learn Outdoors, Indiana Wildlife Photography, Insect Identification, Hoosier Herpetological Society


David Sobel Article:


52 Things Outside:

Growing Up Wild:

Purdue’s Nature of Teaching:



Scaly, Slimy Fun in Prekindergarten

Eastburn, MarkAckerman, AndreaJones, BevanScience and Children; Washington Vol. 55, Iss. 2,  (Oct 2017): 48-55.



•Cultivating relationships with animals, both real and imagined, is one of the best ways to foster empathy during early childhood. Children want to run like deer, to slither along the ground like snakes, to be clever as a fox and quick like a bunny. There's no need for endangered species here – there are more than enough common, everyday species to fill the lives of children. And the environmentally correct notion of not anthropomorphizing animals can be thrown out the window. 

  David Sobel



 Kauffman Field to Nature of the Midwest (aff link):


 Identiflier (aff link):


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