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Loose Parts Nature Play

Feb 11, 2020

Willows for Sale—Rusty Keeler

Patrick Dougherty:


I think that part of my work’s allure is its impermanence, the life
cycle that is built into the growth and decay of saplings. My focus
has always been the process of building a work and allowing those who
pass to enjoy the daily changes or drama of building a sculpture as
well as the final product. However, the line between trash and
treasure is thin, and the sculptures, like the sticks they are made
from, begin to fade after two years.  Often the public imagines that a
work of art should be made to last, but I believe that a sculpture,
like a good flower bed, has its season.

– Patrick Dougherty (source)

Sticks are something we all have in common. Everybody knows sticks –
the twigs and branches picked up on grandfather’s farm; the branches
woven in grandmother’s basket. Somewhere threaded in all the public
mass is a common thread, and that thread is the human spirit.
--Patrick Dougherty

Books (aff links)

 Stickwork by Patrick Dougherty--I think I absolutely love this
because I was able to work side by side with Patrick on one of his
creations. I enjoyed the process and love his whimsical stick work.
Since we have ample sticks, this is great eye candy as we get started
with outdoor creations. Read about our adventures here.

Not a Stick

Stick and Stone

Stick by Irene Dickson


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