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Loose Parts Nature Play

Jan 31, 2019

Nature and Loose Parts Valentines



Valentine’s Day Nature Activities:

Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board:


Book Picks (aff links):

·                Heart Stones--Have you ever found a heart shaped stone? So exciting to find one! The author shares a collection of 100 heart shaped stones. Great eye candy!

·                See a Heart, Share a Heart--This collection of photographed found hearts will get you ready to see hearts all around you. Beautiful coffee table book!

·                Monday Hearts for Madalene--This is a love story shown in hearts made of found and natural objects, such as asparagus, berries, buttons, and bungee cords. Great inspiration for making your own loose parts hearts! 

·                Botanical Hearts--This coloring book combines flowers in heart designs--perfect for soothing coloring time near Valentine's Day! 

·                The Day it Rained Hearts--A young girl catches hearts as they pour down outside. She uses these  hearts to make Valentines for her animal friends. 

·                Snowy Valentine--A rabbit searches the forest for a perfect Valentine gift and finds his tracks make a perfect heart! She is delighted with the heart shaped gift. 

·                Plant a Kiss--A young takes the phrase "plant a kiss" literally! She tends her garden and shares the love she grows with those around her. 


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