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Loose Parts Nature Play

May 2, 2018

Loose Parts Toys—links to “toys” mentioned and other materials:



Using Toys to Support Infant-Toddler Learning and Development

Gabriel Guyton, YC Young Children Sept 2011



A 'loose parts' toy, as Nicholson describes it, is open-ended; children may use it in many ways and combine it with other loose-parts through imagination and creativity .  .  . Nature, which excites all the senses, remains the richest source of loose parts.  --Richard Louv


Book Review:


When I Build with Blocks (aff link)

This book shows the imagination that comes from block building and the diversity of thought as children build. I like how the kids are pictured in costumes as they imagine themselves in the castle, on the pirate ship, and in the haunted house.


I like that there is a plug at the end of the book reminding children to clean up! I think creations can be left out for a short time occasionally; however, I agree with having a general clean up time. Extended periods of play allow for more complex and elaborate creations.


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