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Loose Parts Nature Play

Jul 4, 2022

Getting Started with Loose Parts

  • Recognize it is already happening!
  • Play! Start playing with some items and see how else they may be used.
  • Start with what you have
  • Classroom Sort/Beautiful Stuff Project
  • Let go of the control and let it happen
  • Start with a book or prompt then get out of the way—already had some in the classroom—yes!
  • Study the children/Invitations/Loose Parts Starts
  • Involve CHILDREN!
  • Study and READ (and LISTEN) about loose parts! Exchange articles, professional development books, etc.
  • Network—Loose Parts Play group!
  • What 3 things will you do in the next few weeks? Report back!


Podcast episodes to Help:

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Finding Loose Parts

Autumn Treasures


Blog Posts

Professional Development Books

Read aloud loose parts books


Video from Gryphon House—junk jar, STEM bins, kits--measurement


Professional Development Opportunities with Me!


Book--Loose Parts Learning in K-3 Classrooms:

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Loose Parts Play Facebook Group:
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