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Loose Parts Nature Play

Feb 25, 2020

Chelsey Bahe Take ‘Em Outside:

Tinkergarten Parts and wholes lesson:

Tips from Tinkergarten on destructive play:

Developmental Need: Dissecting flowers (loose parts and botany):

STEM: taking apart an old electric appliance (hand-held vacuum cleaner):

Post from Reggio Inspired Early Childhood Educators

Post from Loose Parts Play

“Being destructive for the child in a play context is just as much
about tearing up old ideas and notions as it is about tearing up a
leaf into tiny, tiny strips...and both should be encouraged.”

--Marc Armitage

Book Pick:

Salad Pie: Maggie is enjoying her time alone in the park making “salad
pie”  until Herbert shows up. He tries to add to her salad pie, but
she doesn’t want his help. He persists, saving her and the salad at
the bottom of the slide. Thanks, Kimberly G.!


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